Communication Assertiveness

In order to respond to the growing needs of colleagues and clients, professionals will need more than technical expertise or job skills. Professionals need to be good communicators to get their point across and show credibility. They need to overcome barriers that cause conflict as well as misunderstanding. Professionals need to communicate confidently and positively, […]

Proactive Customer Service

Excellent customer service is not just an embellishment for a company that sells products or services. It is the most important ingredient to any company’s success – even more important than the product being sold.

In fact, studies show that 70% of customers change providers not because of price or quality issues, but because they […]

Strategic Marketing

Having good salespeople and products is needed to ensure profit for the organization. But in order to ensure long-term profit for your business, you will need to go beyond the sales skills of your people. Your organization needs up-to-date marketing skills and strategies.

Outsmart your competition with the strategic positioning of products and services. Go […]

Effective Project Management

They are called by different names: Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Team Leader, Project Supervisor, Project Engineer, Project Head. No matter what they are called, one thing is clear: companies need effective project planning, implementation, and management in order to meet business objectives.

We at Guthrie-Jensen Consultants invite you to discover the tools and skills […]

Dealing with Challenging Customer Service Situations

We are all highly aware of the importance of good customer service and the need to consistently provide it. But we also know that keeping customers happy is easier said than done. Customer behaviors come in different forms, and dealing with challenging situations is the great challenge.

Ensure continued quality and professional service. Ensure repeat […]