English Fluency

Regardless of industry, the need to communicate fluently and confidently in English has become a must in the workplace. After all, it puts companies in business.

Professionals who are fluent in English have an edge. They project credibility more easily. They produce results more efficiently, as they are able to communicate more clearly with clients […]

Effective Business Writing

Letters, e-mails, reports, and memos play a crucial role in helping you and your company conduct business. Your written messages ensure clear communication with internal and external customers. They produce sales. They produce results for any organization.

The irony is, these considerations oftentimes make writing a difficult task. In fact, professionals waste as much as […]

Communication Assertiveness

In order to respond to the growing needs of colleagues and clients, professionals will need more than technical expertise or job skills. Professionals need to be good communicators to get their point across and show credibility. They need to overcome barriers that cause conflict as well as misunderstanding. Professionals need to communicate confidently and positively, […]

Treating Co-Workers as Customers

With all good intention, companies focus on training their front-line personnel to exceed customer expectations at every customer touch point. But let’s face it… internal relations mirror external relations. Departmentalized mindsets, lack of cooperation and unaligned objectives all eventually reflect on the quality of service to our customers. That’s why internal service is the backbone […]

Proactive Customer Service

Excellent customer service is not just an embellishment for a company that sells products or services. It is the most important ingredient to any company’s success – even more important than the product being sold.

In fact, studies show that 70% of customers change providers not because of price or quality issues, but because they […]

Managing Customer Service

Satisfying customers is not as easy as it used to be, especially in this highly-competitive environment. We need to impress and delight them at every point of contact. To do this, our people’s customer service needs to positively – and not negatively – stand out.

More importantly, our people need a good leader, manager, or […]

Handling Complaints

Given today’s tough and highly-competitive environment, companies must go the extra mile to serve, please, and keep their customers. Still, no matter how excellent a company’s service is, it will receive its share of customer complaints. How would you like to deal with them more effectively?

Effective complaint handling can save your business from unwanted […]

Strategic Planning

In a highly-competitive business landscape, the challenge for companies is to ensure success, continued growth or even survival. To ensure that your company performs, short-term plans are not enough. You need to develop a complete roadmap to success.

In other words, you need a strategic plan.

A strategic plan provides direction and focus for your […]

Innovation for Growth and Profitability

In this ever-changing, technology driven, and highly-contested environment, companies need more than new products or new selling and marketing strategies. There is a need for a revolutionary system to revitalize business performance.

Responding to these needs, Guthrie-Jensen has developed the Strategic Innovation Seminar. With this program, you can produce the following results:

Develop and cultivate […]

Strategic Marketing

Having good salespeople and products is needed to ensure profit for the organization. But in order to ensure long-term profit for your business, you will need to go beyond the sales skills of your people. Your organization needs up-to-date marketing skills and strategies.

Outsmart your competition with the strategic positioning of products and services. Go […]