5-Day MBA

In today’s ever-changing and highly competitive business environment, organizations need managers who effectively lead their business units and organizations. Managers, executives, and entrepreneurs must be well-rounded. They must possess high-level business skills in analysis, decision making, strategy, and leadership.

For these reasons, having an MBA degree (Master in Business Administration) is a widely-accepted approach to […]

Strategic Planning

In a highly-competitive business landscape, the challenge for companies is to ensure success, continued growth or even survival. To ensure that your company performs, short-term plans are not enough. You need to develop a complete roadmap to success.

In other words, you need a strategic plan.

A strategic plan provides direction and focus for your […]

Innovation for Growth and Profitability

In this ever-changing, technology driven, and highly-contested environment, companies need more than new products or new selling and marketing strategies. There is a need for a revolutionary system to revitalize business performance.

Responding to these needs, Guthrie-Jensen has developed the Strategic Innovation Seminar. With this program, you can produce the following results:

Develop and cultivate […]

Strategic Marketing

Having good salespeople and products is needed to ensure profit for the organization. But in order to ensure long-term profit for your business, you will need to go beyond the sales skills of your people. Your organization needs up-to-date marketing skills and strategies.

Outsmart your competition with the strategic positioning of products and services. Go […]

Strategic Human Resources Management

“PEOPLE ARE OUR NUMBER 1 RESOURCE!” We have heard this from each and every company. But what does this really mean?

For many companies, it usually means recruiting the best people, training, and motivating them with the ultimate objective of reducing turnover. But what if we told you that you can achieve much more by […]

Operational Planning for Competitive Advantage

A good strategic plan provides long-term direction to give your business competitive advantage. But how do you ensure that goals are met by people on the ground – and efficiently? How do we ensure performance from all departments and professionals?

An efficient, fool-proof operations plan is needed.

Operations plans provide direction, encourage focus, and align […]

Practical Financial Management

In order to plan the direction of your organization, good financial management is not only a plus but a must.

Make the right decisions for your organization by using proven tools. Understand financial statements with ease. Apply practical techniques in forecasting, cash and inventory management, as well as corporate planning. Analyze your organization’s financial condition […]